The 2019 Executive Board

The Marching 97 is a completely student run organization with the exception of guidance from our faculty advisors. Read on to learn about the thirteen executives that comprise this year's board!

Manager - Jake Regler

The Marching 97 manager is the leader of the band off the field. As the head of the executive board, the manager's duties include running executive meetings and acting as the band's liaison between both Athletics and the University administration. The manager can be contacted at

Jake Regler, '20, is a physics major from Newark, Delaware, playing mellophone in the 97 and French horn in the LU Symphonic band. As manager, his biggest goal for the season is to secure funding for new band instruments. His free time consists of playing tabletop games, reading, watching videos about math and physics, and having brief moments of crippling existential dread. His favorite 97 memory is performing the LeLaf halftime show his freshman year. During practice, Jake can be found lifting his legs to the heavens, frosh. There's no doubt Jake has the best hair in the entire band-- ask him what product he uses.

Drum Major - Margaret Huettner

The Marching 97's drum major is responsible for running field practice and leading the band in performances. The drum major writes the first field show each season and organizes drill writing for the rest of the performances. Look for the drum major in a tall white hat as they lead the band in the traditional ‘Marching LEHIGH’! Contact the drum major at

Margaret Huettner is a mechanical engineering major from Leesburg, Virginia in the class of 2021. She plays alto saxophone in the 97 as well as soprano saxophone and piano in various LU Jazz ensembles. Margaret's goal for the season is to strive for greater leg-liftery! During practice, one can find her dancing and making obnoxious jokes, and her favorite 97 tradition is singing the Lehigh Alma mater with extended verses. Margaret enjoys crocheting and riding the unicycle. Before she joined the band she swam competitively for 11 years and was a coach for her local team.

Staff Assistant - Matthew Hornung

As the financial officer of the Marching 97, the staff assistant is in charge of the band's budget. The staff assistant is also responsible for helping with the various administrative duties of the band, such as paperwork and attendance. The staff assistant plans the annual band banquet at the end of each season as well! The Marching 97's staff assistant can be reached by emailing

Matthew Hornung is a Finance and Music double major in the class of '21 hailing from Wellesley, Massachusetts. Being the businessman of the band, Matt's biggest goal is to establish effective short and long term financial plans for the 97. He plays the tenor sax in marching band, but is fluent in all kinds of saxophones, as well as the clarinet, flute, and piano. His favorite 97 memory is when the band performed "Marching Lehigh" for the reviewing stand in the London New Year's Day Parade. During rehearsal he can be observed corralling the cataclysmic debauchery that is Rank 11.

Publicity Manager - Henry Levy

The publicity manager, or PubMan, is the band's link with the outside world- they are responsible for updating the band's website and social media, as well as writing the field show announcements. The other chief responsibility of the publicity manager is maintaining the band's strong relationships with its many alumni- they also organize events such as Alumni Band Day. The publicity manager can be contacted at

Henry Levy, '20, majoring in electrical engineering, comes from... well nowhere and everywhere-- having lived in three different continents, he'd like to consider Millburn, New Jersey to be what resembles his home the closest (he really dropped the ball on this one). He handles the tenor saxophone in rank 11 with the 97 and also in the LU wind ensemble, however he takes on the drum kit in his jazz combo. This year he wants to create a tighter relationship with the alumni and have a more constant social media presence.

Freshmen Managers (Refrosh & Refritch) - Corydon Zouzias & Haley Robb

The freshmen managers of the Marching 97 - collectively known as Refrotch - are responsible for recruitment and retention of members of the 97. They are in charge of planning Marching 97 involvement at admitted students events, providing information to prospective band members, and helping the incoming class through their first season in the 97. The freshmen managers also organize themed psyche days to keep up morale and excitement. If you're thinking about joining the Marching 97, don't hesitate to email the freshman manager of your choice at (male) or (female).

Corydon, majoring in electrical engineering in the class of 2020, makes quite a clamor, donning the bass drum/cymbals in the 97. He hails from Cold Spring, NY, and his objective for the season is to leave no mard behind. He takes part in Lehigh's choral arts, and wants you to know that he is really excited for Manball. Haley, class of '21, is from Richmond, VA. When she's not studying environmental engineering, shes gardening or doing yoga. Her favorite 97 memory is the butterflies in her stomach before her first game. She also has two kitties and they LOVE you!

Instrument Manager (Toots) - Ryan Stelly & Michael Hill

The equipment managers are primarily responsible for distribution, maintenance, and transportation of many instruments of the Marching 97 - hence the nickname of Toots. Most members of the Marching 97 use instruments that belong to the band, so the equipment managers are never short of work, especially as they also tend to the miscellaneous technical needs of the band. The equipment managers can be contacted at

Ryan, a computer science & engineering major in the class of '22, plays the clarinet in rank 2. He comes from Norwalk, Connecticut and his biggest goal is to get the piccolos in fully working order. He loves playing Magic the Gathering, and a fun fact is that he carried the alumni band's flag 10 years ago along with his dad, who was manager of the Marching 97 in '86. Michael Hill, also in the class of '22, is a chemical engineering student from Hingham, Massachusetts. Michael plays trumpet in band, but also jams with the piano, and more importantly, the kazoo. During practice, he promises to be organizing Toots materials or attempting to NOT make instruments worse. His favorite 97 tradition is Eco Flame during LeLaf week and wearing PJs to practices every Saturday morning.

Uniform Manager (Suits) - Rebecca Bone

The uniform manager - more commonly known as Suits - is responsible for making sure everyone in the band looks their best on game day. The uniform manager is in charge of distribution and maintenance of uniforms, as well as ensuring everyone is properly attired at official events. The uniform manager can be contacted by emailing

Rebecca Bone, from Mercer Island, Washington, is a product design major in the class of '21. Bone serenades her fellow marchers with the tenor saxophone in the 97, filling in the position of the grouchy aunt of rank 11. When she's not working to make us look fabulous during band performances, she's drawing, ice skating, and making puns. She plays the bassoon in the LU wind ensemble and orchestra. She can't wait for Eco Flame to come around again, and claims that she is skilled at making bird noises,

Student Conductor - Nick Sireci

The student conductor, or StudCon, of the Marching 97 is responsible for conducting the band in the stands during football games and at other performances as needed. Besides conducting, the responsibilities of the student conductor include rehearsing music with the band and selecting the songs played in the stands. The student conductor can be reached at

Nick Sireci, a New Jersey native from Hasbrouck Heights, wants you to know that he is studying finance and computer science & engineering as an IBE student. As a typical trumpet player, he also wants you to know that ranks 6 and 9 (but mostly 6) are superior in every way to all other ranks. This season, his goal is to teach the band a whole bunch of new tunes to play in the stands. During practice, he can be found trying to hit impossibly high notes and ruining his chops. He's in Brass Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Phi Sigma Kappa. Nick also has 3 Emmy awards.

Librarian - Mackenna Brody

The librarian of the Marching 97 organizes and maintains the band's music library. They are in charge of creating music folders for the band members, and copying and distributing music throughout the season. The librarian can be contacted at

Mackenna, '22, from Woodstown, South Jersey, plays clarinet in rank 2 of the 97. Her objective as librarian is to create a welcoming environment for the upcoming first years and to artfully master the dreaded copying machine. This season, when she's not handing out rubber bands, praying for no rain, and watching drumline lose their music, she'll be acting, ice skating, and playing the recorder. Mackenna's favorite 97 tradition is singing the Alma mater on the bus ride home!

Historian - Grace Miller

The historian's major responsibilities are the documentation and interpretation of the Marching 97's history. They maintain and contribute to our archives, and work to make our storied history accessible to band members and the public alike. The historian can be contacted at

Grace Miller, '21, is from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and is studying both German and Music. As historian for a second year, her new goal for the season is to make sure historical 97 artifacts and documents are properly stored. During band practice, she's bouncing around with excitement, playing mellophone with rank 5. She also plays the trumpet, french horn, and even the violin. As with last year, her passions continue to be crocheting and binging crime dramas. She still can't decide if London or New York was her favorite memory with the band.

Senior Representative - Corey Loevinger

The senior representative of the Marching 97 is a member of the senior class responsible for a variety of tasks. They acquire food for the band on game days, plan the senior dinner at band camp, and organize various social events for the band to spend time together outside of rehearsals. The senior representative can be contacted by emailing

Corey Loevinger is an IDEAS major (he'll never hear the end of this), focusing in computer science. As a resident of La Cañada, CA, in the class of '20, he plays baritone in rank... we're not sure yet-- the baritones don't really know what rank they can call "home". As the most social position on the board, Corey plans on keeping the psyche thriving from band camp all the way to LeLaf! If you ever want to be put to sleep, just ask him for his sad, boring story about how he tore his ACL.