Rank 1

Rank 1 is the home of the trombones, an exuberant and welcoming group who are especially adept at causing a ruckus whenever needed. Full of psyche and demonstrating fancy flashes on the field, the trombones are hard to miss. They can be recognized from a long distance by the distinct strains of "Underbone."

Declan Fitzpatrick, Sara Wantrobski, Eric Burton, Mitchell Dorward, Dario Rivellini, Basil Wang, John Koubek

Declan Fitzpatrick

Declan Fitzpatrick is in the class of '24 majoring in mechanical engineering. He is from Camp Hill, PA, and plays the baritone sax in Rank 1. Declan’s goal this year is to provide a sense of community and comradery for his rank.! His favorite memory with the 97 is the 2021 LeLaf game! He loves hyping up the crowd in support of the Lehigh Mountain Hawks! A fun fact about Declan is that he’s also part of Lehigh Men's Ultimate Frisbee club team.