Rank 7

The alto saxophones make their home in Rank 7. They’re a spirited group with no shortage of musical knowledge, and their hobbies include bouncing up and down in time to the warmup piece. The saxophones can be recognized as the people who are usually begging the StudCon to play "Hogan’s Heroes," much to most other band members' dismay.

Miranda Jellen, Liana Woo, Venessa Rizack, Jessica Schalet, Jason Shacter, Nathan Barnwell, Anna Sullivan, Enzo Ciccone

Miranda Jellen

Miranda Jellen is a mechanical engineering and physics major and Spanish minor in the class of '25! She is from Telford, PA, and loves playing the alto saxophone with the rest of her sax rankmates in Rank 7. Miranda’s goal for the season is to make sure everyone has a good time and feels welcome! Her favorite 97 memory is winning Le-Laf freshman year! Her favorite part of the 97 is the strong sense of community and the friends you make. A fun fact about Miranda is that she’s driven a fully loaded tractor-trailer!