Rank 5

Rank 5 is the main home of the mellophones, who are full of love for each other and pretty much everyone else too. They never disappoint when it comes time to play "Pompeii," and they’re never anything less than utterly majestic. The mellophones’ specialty is themed rank costumes, and they’ve been known to appear as everything from Harry Potter characters to garden gnomes to Taylor Swift Albums.

Matt Diaz, Ben McDannel, Heather Petersen, Will Stewart, Lilly Gruber, Madeline Judd, Jacklyn Clauss, Shannyn Konek

Matthew Diaz

Matthew Diaz is in the class of '25 majoring in molecular biology and minoring in psychology. He is from Orlando, FL, and enjoys playing mellophone in Rank 5! Matt’s goal is to strengthen bonds in Rank 5 and as a band, and he wants to win the most chaotic rank again! His favorite memories in the 97 are away games and Eco Flame! Matthew loves the sense of family that you build with everyone in the band, and the Rank 5 chaos! A fun fact about Matt is that he was originally going to play piccolo in the 97, but we needed more mellophones so he volunteered to switch!