Rank 4

The piccolos reside in Rank 4. Although their high notes can annoy everyone around them, there’s a lot of love and support to go around in the piccolo section. The piccolos are always down for a High School Musical singalong or Marvel movie marathon. They also enjoy successfully playing the solo in “You Can Call Me Al,” and showing off their dance moves during rests.

Mac LaMotteo, Jing Yan, Shirley Zhu, Maya Hahn, Renata Bravo, Abigail Riley, Jake Montgomery

Mackenzie LaMotteo

Mackenzie LaMotteo is in the class of '24 majoring in bioengineering on the pharmaceuticals track. She loves playing the piccolo with the rest of Rank 4! Hailing from Clarksburg, Maryland, Mac wants to create a warm and welcoming environment for her rank members, so that they'll have a great time and hopefully return next year! She loves how vibrant everyone is, and she says the 97 is a great place to feel comfortable being yourself because everyone else is being so quintessentially themselves too! Mac enjoys reading fantasy books and her traditional third-quarter power walks.