Ranks 6 & 9

Ranks 6 and 9 are the traditional trumpet ranks, making up one of the largest sections in the band. They’re loud and proud, and supply unending psyche. The close knit trumpets are easily heard in any field show, and they enjoy spending time together outside of rehearsal at their psyche nights. They’re always ready to create good spirited havoc, and they definitely don’t cheat during Rank Olympics. Ever.

Anna Lesher, Charlotte Jaffe, Brandon Lane, Marco Clark, Benjamin Fornwalt, Aspen Bubak, Kyla Richards, Colin Schofield, Jack Hertzler, David Riley, Blake Bergey, Meghan Matthys, Nathan Levin-Delson, Alex Margulies

Anna Lesher

Anna Lesher is in the class of '25 majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in energy engineering. She is from Souderton, PA, and enjoys playing with her fellow trumpeters in Rank 6! Anna’s goal is to live up to the PSYCHE that Rank 6 has always been instrumental in bringing to the band, and make sure everyone is having fun! One of her favorite memories in the 97 was when her lyre fell off at the collegiate band festival freshman year, so she had to play the entire show with one hand holding her trumpet and the other holding her lyre- it was one of her best performances of that show! Anna loves having a community of people she can look forward to seeing, not only at band functions but just around campus too. A fun fact about Anna is that she really loves to fish, and she won the town fishing derby twice as a kid!

Jack Hertzler

Jack Hertzler is an electrical engineering major in the class of '24! He is from Lancaster, PA, and enjoys playing with his fellow trumpeters in Rank 9! Jack’s goal this season is to bring as much PSYCHE as possible to his rank! His favorite 97 memory is invading classes during Eco-Flame! Jack’s favorite part of the 97 is our relaxed and fun culture and chants in the stands. A fun fact about Jack is back home he spends nearly all his free time outside gardening!