Rank 8

Rank 8 is the home of the sousaphones, baritones, and baritone saxophones. They’re proud to play the biggest and deepest instruments in the 97, and they excel at adding to the atmosphere at football games with well timed renditions of "Brick House." When not on the field, Rank 8 can usually be found at their favorite place, IHOP.

Eric Yang, Henry Scott, Victor Hernandez, Quan Hoang, James Zhang, Carl Chang, Mailei Schechterly, Maeve McGowan

Quan Hoang

Quan Hoang is a chemical engineering and biochemistry major in the class of '25! Hailing from Reading, PA, his goal for the season is to help Rank 8 continue to improve! Quan’s favorite part of the 97 is tailgating, and he loves playing the baritone with his fellow low brass members! His favorite 97 memories are meeting new frosh and hosting psyche nights. A fun fact about Quan is that he can play the steel drums!