Rank 2

Rank 2 is the clarinet rank. Armed with puffy paint, they’re always ready to take on anything that comes their way, whether that be a themed rehearsal or aiming to be Rank 2 Perfect. While sometimes sparse in numbers, the clarinets make up for it with their bright personalities and dedication to making the best custom T shirts in the band.

Grace Ditmar, Sophia Pham, Peyton Sheaffer, Diane Marrow, Owen Funk, Adonis Cusu, Eric Zumba, Rose Rush

Grace Ditmar

Grace Ditmar is in the class of '26 majoring in computer science and minoring in earth & environmental science and music. Hailing from Manahawkin, NJ, Grace hopes everyone feels at home in the band program and takes part in the fun 97 traditions! She plays the clarinet alongside her fellow Rank 2 members and enjoys traveling to other schools for the away game flames. Grace has an especially fond memory of the improv performance of "Marching 'L'" at Cornell last year! She loves all the unique experiences and incredible friendships in the 97. A fun fact about Grace is that she works at an escape room on Long Beach Island!