Rank 11

Rank 11 is the traditional home of the tenor saxophones, a group that never runs out of noise, and sass. They stay close outside of practice with fun psyche events, and bring their unique sense of humor to everything they do. The 97 certainly wouldn’t be the same without Rank 11 around.

Zach Groner, Elijah Forney, Avery McGarry , Crystal Flores, Thomas Theiner, Collin Riviello, Liz Wolfe, Layne Raczy

Zach Groner

Zach Groner is a biochemistry major and psychology minor in the class of '25! He loves playing alongside his fellow tenor saxes in Rank 11. Hailing from Tamaqua, PA, Zach’s goal for the season is to make sure everyone is having fun and bringing a lot of PSYCHE! The overnight flame at Holy Cross last season is his favorite band memory, and he loves Eco-Flame and meeting new people. A fun fact about Zach is that he was voted the funniest member of Wheel Restaurant Tamaqua!