Ranks 3 & 12

The percussion section makes up Ranks 3 and 12, usually holding the honor of being the largest section in the 97. While far apart in rank number, they’re a close knit group in every other way, on and off the field. They’re always eager to welcome new members or bring enthusiasm and fun to rehearsals. It’s debatable whether the drumline knows how to march any other move than directly forwards or backwards, but they have a cadence for every occasion and excel at making the rest of the band have to skip at the most inconvenient moment possible.

Ben Peacock, Christian Tedesco, Andrew Koerner, Matt Cugliari, Lu Swider, Adam Golian, Liz Matthews, Mika Kizuka, Zoe Wilkinson, Gabriel Drucker, Andrea Ioshpa, Sasha Rabeno, Michael Burke, Lucas Furda

Matthew Cugliari

Matthew Cugliari is a mechanical engineering major and aerospace and electrical engineering minor in the class of '24! He loves playing alongside his fellow snares in Rank 3. Hailing from Nutley, NJ, Matt’s goal for the season is to create an environment where everyone feels excited to play and march together and also spend time together outside of practice! Eco-Flame is his favorite band memory, and he loves the closeness and community of the band. A fun fact about Matt is that he has a pink axolotl named Pouka!

Lily Swider

Lily Swider is in the class of '25 majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in history! She enjoys playing cymbals with her fellow percussion rankmates. Hailing from Willow Grove, PA, her goal for the season is to make sure every person in their rank has the opportunity to learn and grow as a musician and has space to get better! Lily’s favorite 97 memory is the LeLaf game their freshman year at Goodman Stadium- she has never screamed and cheered so loud in her life! She loves having such a strong community of friends in the 97. A fun fact about Lily is that they’re the team leader of Lehigh Underwater Robotics!